Positive – A General Rule of Thumb

12 Feb

I’ll be honest, I’ve had this blog set up for months and have been stalled because I can’t figure out what the ‘first’ blog should be – there are so many aspects of You Have Choice to choose from!  I’ve decided to start with the Power of Positive.

I have changed my life significantly over the past 8 years with the expressed desire to enjoy more freedom  – the freedom to be the person I am truly designed to be.  One of the most significant changes I have made is choosing positive. I’ve come to learn that seeing “positive” is a choice.  It’s a choice I have to make hundreds of times a day because our culture thrives on negative – you have to pay attention!

Yes, you’ve probably heard that appreciation and gratitude are good – just check out the Bible, Buddha, or Socrates, they’ve talked about this stuff.  If you don’t believe them there is now a plethora of scientific data available about being positive – how it affects teams, your brain, creativity and problem solving.  Did you know your brain releases different chemicals based on whether you’re feeling fear or gratitude? Under the influence of fear your ability to think complex thoughts and create options narrows dramatically, you become less creative and less innovative.  Being in a state of gratitude releases chemicals that cause you to have a sense of well-being that can expand your creativity and options – making you more adaptable and flexible.

Most problem solving processes tell us to identify the problem and then fix it.  Research indicates this negative approach almost never leads to truly innovative ideas. The study of Appreciative Inquiry has seen extraordinary results when people in a company band together around positive strengths and look for what’s possible.

Try this, take any situation in your life – most likely there are positive things about that situation as well as negative and neutral.  Which do you tend to focus on?  Which do you see first? How would you feel about the situation if you were to explore every potential positive aspect of it?  I know from experience that I change when I go into a situation looking for and anticipating positive things.  I am more creative and energetic; I live in more freedom.

“I LOVE MY LIFE MOMENTS!”  This is the habit of noticing when something good happens and intentionally enjoying the moment.  It doesn’t have to be big – it could be 3 green lights in a row, an awesome sunrise, or a great cup of coffee with a perfect banana.  Tell someone about your “I Love My Life Moment” instead of the latest story about the butt-head at work or in the car in front of you!

Next time you’re having dinner with the family or friends, ask them about the best part of their day, the best thing that ever happened to them, their favorite … whatever.  If something about their day, or your day, went badly talk about what a healthy positive outcome would look like.  I know, it sounds kind of soft and squishy – but I’m telling you, your brain will love it and when your brain loves it your body loves it too!

Check out the blog Who Switched Off My Brain for more information about how your thoughts affect your health!

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