Sorting Styles, Sameness and Difference

20 Mar

Do you know someone that says “Yeah, But” to almost every comment or suggestion made?  Or, “That won’t work” before you’ve even finished your thought?  A self appointed “devils advocate.” They are a total killjoy when it comes to brainstorming.  Even though it was clearly explained that there is no evaluation during idea generation – they pick apart every idea brought up!  Does it ever feel like you just can’t win with some people, they always point out the other side of the story?  Are you one of those people?

On the other hand, do you know someone that can’t make a decision, all wishy-washy?  They jump on the bandwagon of whatever idea is being promoting? They often skip details as if they’re irrelevant.  Everything is a brainstorming, including where to eat; we could go here or here or here or here!  And, yet for all of their brainstorming, most of their ideas are the same – they resist new ideas and change?

OK, before you get all caught up in judging you might want to learn about this particular Sorting Style.  We all have two basic ways that we work with and compare data.  Those of us that tend to match information to what we already know have a Sorting Style of Sameness.  Those of us that tend to look for what is mis-matched from what we already know have a Sorting Style of Difference.

Yes you can do both, sort by Sameness and Difference, in fact mot of us do.  However, we usually lead with one  – that’s our preference – and then maybe, we consider the other.   Statistically there are more Sort for Sameness people, but doesn’t it seem like there are more Sort by Difference?  Maybe the Difference sorters are more noticeable?!?!  Opps, I’m one of them!  I like to think of myself as appropriately managed – it’s a choice (both doing it and thinking you do it.)

As you might imagine both sorting styles have a purposeful role in work, play and life.  And, both present challenges.  Sorting styles aren’t good or bad.  Like any other personality or temperament trait – they are something to be understood and managed.  (You might want to check out the March 17th blog for an overview of Sorting Styles.)

If you’re curious about your preference, or someone else’s, you can  CLICK HERE.  You’ll find a very short paper explaining the concept in a bit more detail along with a 15 question quiz to help you sort out your style!

Your choice for today is to learn more about your gift and consider how to use it without annoying the heck out of others!


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