“First World Problem”

8 Jan

  • “Your new iPad is so much cooler than my old rickety one.”
  • “I can’t believe how slow the internet is here!”
  • “I’ll have to return this, what a hassle.”
  • “I always get red eye with this camera.”
  • “Their customer service is terrible!”

“FIRST WORLD PROBLEM!” said with a bit of attitude.

Over the holidays I hung-out with my 20-something nieces – very fun!  Aside from finally understanding hashtag and feeling pretty cool because I was already on Instagram (thank you Savannah) – I picked up a new phrase that I quite like.

Anytime one of us would whine about an everyday problem such as clothing options, temperature in the house, technical anything, or food choices the response “first world problem” could be expected.

I love the idea of a trendy social norm that provides a continuous reality check to our ridiculously privileged lives. Seriously, how many of our daily conversations, complaints and concerns are problems only because of the relative ease and abundance we live in?

Your choice for today?  Notice how much First World Whining is done in your little world.  Call it out!

Beware, it will boomerang back at you.

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