Just Try This! BREATH

2 May

As you know from my April 4th and March 20th blogs I’ve been reading about the affect of God, prayer and meditation on our brain. Being an active learner, I have of course tried it to see if it really works.

It does!

You have a choice… you could try this tiny, short little exercise for a week!  In fact, I’m going to recommend it!  I believe you’ll enjoy it and feel better.

Five minutes per day. (You can find 5 minutes even if it is in your car in the parking lot before you go into work or home.)

  1. Relax.  Close your eyes, get comfortable, drop your shoulders out of your ears and  stop clinching your jaw.
  2. Breath.  Yes, I know you were already breathing.  Now, breath deliberately – deep, slow breathes.  For the first 30-60 seconds of your 5 minutes do nothing but relax and pay attention to your breathing.
  3. Add a single focus to your relaxed state and deep breathing. Pick one single word such as: love, peace, or joy  (a positive word!)  Let’s say you pick peace as your word for today.  As you breath in, let peace fill you up.  As you exhale, let your peace out.  (You don’t need to keep your peace in, you get to have more with your next breath – give some peace to others!)  As you keep a single focus on your one word, pay attention to how peace feels, what color is it, does it sound like anything.  Don’t try to ‘think’ about it – just notice if there is any sound, color or feeling.  It’s totally okay if there isn’t.

That’s’ it.  You’re done!  Five minutes – relax, breath and enjoying one positive word.

I’m not kidding, I want you to try this for a couple of days and report back.  How did that go?

In the next blog I’ll give you the science behind improving your brain, your day and your disposition through prayer/mediation.

Don’t forget, I really want to hear if you tried this and what you thought!

2 Responses to “Just Try This! BREATH”

  1. Brady Wilson May 7, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

    The positive work I chose to breathe out was ‘supernatural’. I was focusing on my breath and a concurrent stream of thought began to flow about how God’s supernatural life flows in really natural ways through our relationships, conversations and day-to-day connections. And that’s exactly the type of day I had – lots of ‘chance’ conversations and connections that were very life-giving.
    Thank you for the great meditation exercise

    • Anonymous May 8, 2013 at 7:19 am #

      Yeah!! So excited that you tried it and it worked. I’ve really noticed a difference in my days when I start with this pray/mediation process. God often gives me the work or phrase I should focus on for the day.

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