Say “I Don’t”!

5 Oct

Saying “I Don’t” instead of “I Can’t” increases your likelihood of success!

So simple and obvious!!  My friend Alex sent me an article on the power of say “I don’t” instead of “I can’t” when faced with temptation.

  •  I can’t have dessert
  • I can’t watch TV all evening
  • I can’t blow-off my work out
  • I can’t avoid reading that text, tweet or email right now

“I can’t” isn’t a choice. It’s a restriction. It creates a feedback loop of limitation.  “I can’t” undermines our sense of power or ability to influence our environment.  Our brain is wired to – fight or flight –  in response to a loss of control.

  • I don’t eat dessert
  • I don’t watch TV for an entire evening
  • I don’t blow-off my work out
  • I don’t read every text instantly

“I don’t“ creates a sense of choice and empowerment.  “I don’t” is an affirmation of determination and willpower – our brain loves that!!

The article sights research for both:  in the moment temptation, as well as repeated temptation over time.  In both cases the test groups that said, “I can’t” failed to achieve the desired outcome significantly more often that the test groups that said “I don’t”.

So simple and obvious!  Try it!

To read the entire article:

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