About Me

Hi I’m Sue.

My personal drive and passion is to live in my own Divine Freedom and to help others uncover and live in theirs.  You might be wondering, “What is Divine Freedom?”  It’s a combination of my personal beliefs that:

  • Everyone is uniquely and perfectly designed
  • Everyone is designed to contribute in a meaningful way
  • When we do what we are designed to do, life flows and we experience freedom
  • By virtue of the fact that you were born, you matter, you are important and you are needed.

While I believe we are all uniquely and perfectly designed, we also have free will to choose.  Freedom is found in our choices.

I have worked in the corporate world for the past 20 + years.  I work with leaders and managers here in North America and globally.  In my experience, there are significantly more people who are unhappy, stressed, frustrated, feeling stuck and unfulfilled than people who live in flow – in freedom. It strikes me that the stress, frustration and lack of fulfillment is more about the choices people make than the company they work for or the person they are.  They have followed the “American Dream” instead of their Divine Freedom.

I was one of those stuck, stressed and frustrated people.  Over time I woke-up to the incredible number of choices I have and the freedom attached to choosing my life rather than flowing down the river of “what I should do, what I thought I had to do, what the conventional world measuring stick wisdom told me I must do” and maybe most importantly “thinking I had to stay on the track I had picked.”  WRONG!  I Have Choice!

In my journey of personal freedom and the desire to help others find it, I have completed two masters’ degrees – not for the desire of credentials, but for the sheer joy of learning and applying.   School is a great way to create focus. My purpose for blogging is to compile the information and insights I have acquired and created in my on going journey, and make it available to others.